Friday, March 13, 2015

Communication - Property Managers and Tenants

It occurred to me today that most communications between property managers and tenants tend to be negative in nature, but people tend to respond better to positive encouragement.  As a result of this realization, we are implementing a positive communications campaign.  We all know that prevention is the best method to better health, and prevention can help property managers as well.  By working with tenants before there is a problem, we not only have happier people, but we also avoid costly problems with the buildings.  This prevention can be geared at getting tenants to pay on time, inspecting units regularly, and by getting to know your tenants.  By getting to know your tenants, you gain loyalty, which is a huge part of the puzzle.  If people feel loyal, they will want to work with you as a team rather than feeling like they are on opposite sides.

In order to implement these new ideas, we are beginning to send out positive communications with contests for things like paying rent early, cutest pet, cleanest apartment, etc.  We are also researching ways of increasing our team knowledge, like attending landlord forums and continuous education of staff.  Check out this article for more ideas…

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