Monday, June 15, 2015

Fire Safety – Renters Insurance

I am a professional property manager, AND I am a renter.  As a professional property manager, I would suggest getting renter’s insurance because one of my big concerns is to protect the owner’s investment in the property.  As a renter who just had a recent renter’s insurance claim for a kitchen fire, I am here to tell you that the small monthly fee that you pay for renter’s insurance is well worth your money!

Here’s a little insight into how renters insurance can save you money:  I had a minor kitchen fire in my apartment and nothing besides the pan actually caught on fire.  That pan that burned up caused smoke damage with expenses totaling about $8000!  Not only did renters insurance help me to clean my entire apartment including all of my clothing, but it also gave me peace of mind.  Because I had insurance the owners didn’t have to worry about filing a claim on their end, therefore it didn’t affect their insurance.  I am a firm believer in renters insurance and I suggest that everyone be protected.  You will thank yourself when you need it!

Here are some helpful tips for residents from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue for protecting yourself with Kitchen Fires.

- Keep your stovetop clear and clean
- Never leave your cooking unattended
- Protect your valuables with renters insurance

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As a property manager, we suggest that all renters get renters insurance and we are working on a plan to be able to offer insurance to all tenants at time of move in.

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